Frequently asked question

You can solve most problems instantly by using our online help system. If you cannot find the answer here, please use the contact form.

Go to the 'My Account' area and click 'Account Information' from the left hand menu.

No, but you can join Barrrter as a basic ‘crew’ member for a modest one off lifetime fee. As a basic member of Barrrter you can place as many private adverts as you wish. You can also take part in our Telegram private discussion group. However, if you want to respond to our most recent adverts, you need to become a ‘Deck Hand’ or ‘Buccaneer’.

Otherwise you can respond to all adverts once they reach 7 days old with your free membership. Ads will show how long they have left before you can communicate with the seller.

Make sure the email address you are using is correct and the same as the one you registered with. If you have forgotten your password you can asl to reset it on the sign in page.

Use the old email address to log in for now while we identify you, then change it later in the "Account Information" area of the "My Account" area.

Head to the Account Information area and delete your account.

As you would expect, no Pirate Chain related service would ever pass details to another company. We also hide your email and phone (if you decide to use it) to prevent any spam.

You will see a notification at the top of the page or can go to your account area of the site. Simply click on the notice to see messages. You will be notified by email if you receive a new message.

Send us a message in the ‘contact’ form and we will give you instructions.

You will see a box in your account information dashboard that subscribes or unsubscribes you from newsletters. We highly recommend you subscribe as you will receive important information about Pirate Chain, for example wallet updates and exchange information.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Where possible, meet face to face to see the item and exchange payment. We will be introducing an escrow service for delivered goods as soon as possible. When meeting a stranger, always ensure there is someone else with you or meet in a public place. Barrrter does not handle any payments for transactions on the site and therefore cannot guarantee any payments made. If you make a payment before receiving an item, you risk losing that money if the item never arrives or is not as described. You should inspect the goods before sending any ARRR, there is no way to recover it once it has been sent, buyer beware!

Please report any suspicious activity via the contact form.


We do not offer any standard process for specifying the delivery of items. In general we try to encourage people to buy locally and pick the item up in person but if this isn't possible, it is for the buyer and seller to decide on an agreeable method of delivery and payment. If you wish to put any details of delivery in your advert such as the extra cost if any,  you can add that to your advert description.

Featured ads are available to Buccaneer account holders and will showcase your ad in the listings. Buccaneer's have ten rolling featured ad capability. To upgrade send a message in the contact form and we we tell you what to do.