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The Pirate Hardware Wallet is the only device that is capable of processing zkSNARKs transactions, required by Pirate Chain (Arrr). Access to the unit is protected with a root-of-trust setup that starts in the boot ROM at power up, through all the boot phases, up to the pirate authenticator application. The small unit is portable, which offers convenience over the 2 PC online/offline split transaction capability in Treasure Chest. On the roadmap is to integrate the user interface with the smart phone Pirate wallets.
* Weight: 30 grams
* Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 1.1cm.
* Material: The casing is made of durable PA12-HP Nylon in a black finish.
* Display: 128x128 pixel OLED, 24x24mm
* External interface: MicroUSB for communication & power
* CPU: Quad core 64 bit ARM processor.

A detailed description on how to place an order can be found at the development repository at https://github.com/mullroy. The instructions are containted in the biography (bio) section with a new step-by-step PDF document added with screenshots at: https://github.com/mullroy/mullroy/blob/main/how_to_order_v4.pdf
For assistance, drop me a message right here on the advertisement or send me an e-mail: mullroy at protonmail.com

Note: The unit calculates a 0.25% commission based on the size of the payment made. That equates to 1 Arrr for every 400 Arrr spend. The commission is capped at 15.625 Arrr for a payment of 6250 Arrr or larger.

Development roadmap:
*Add the functionality to all the other Pirate wallets (Mobile & Light). Currently only Treasure Chest is supported.
*Integrate the units user interface directly into the Pirate wallets
*Add additional (privacy) coins


    • Control hardware wallet from Linux/Mac/Windows

    • root-of-trust security prohibits unauthorised access to the device

    • zkSNARK transaction signing for Pirate Chain

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