We $ARRR all about using Pirate Chain!

Barrrter.com has been created by a community member to help facilitate the adoption and use of Pirate Chain as a fair, and completely private method of exchange. ARRR is designed to replace the corrupt and usurious FIAT system presently in use. So let's use it! We must develop strong local communities of users, and we can do this if we all take part!. List something (literally anything legal!) for sale today, the more that take part, the faster we can effect the change we all want to see.


When the FIAT system is collapsed by design and the total surveillance control of a Central Bank Digital Currency is rolled out, we the people, will be unable to purchase certain goods and services without adhering to the behavioural expectations of the State - unless we are prepared.  


For this reason we need a viable, secure and private alternative method by which means we can fairly transact and live our lives in greater freedom. We therefore encourage you, at every available opportunity, to introduce Pirate Chain and Barrrter.com to your families, friends, local communities and businesses, so that we may trade, thrive, and enjoy a lifestyle we have the right to expect - without unwarranted oversight or taxation.


If you have little excess FIAT to convert to Pirate Chain, you may perhaps have goods surplus to your needs that can be sold in exchange for ARRR? Can you provide a service or are you willing to work for ARRR? Do you have a business that your local community will benefit from? All these things and more can be advertised on Barrrter.com using ARRR as the medium for exchange. All you need to do is create a Pirate Chain wallet and to sign up. Lifetime basic membership of Barrrter only costs the ARRR equivalent of US$ 10.00, with other very reasonable options for more active individuals and businesses. There are no listing fees or commissions, ever. 


We ask for this modest membership contribution for two important reasons:-


Firstly, to show that you have the ability to transact in Pirate Chain and wish to help grow its adoption. Although we do not insist that ARRR is used once you have made contact with a fellow Pirate, we do however ask that if the buyer or seller prefers to use ARRR, then the counterparty obliges this request. Denial may result in the revocation of your membership. 


Secondly, in order to cover the running costs, improvement and reach of Barrrter.com, with any excess going towards the Pirate Chain project itself for marketing/development/upkeep, etc. For now, keep it local unless you are 100% certain you can trust a long distance counterpart. We are going to add an escrow service for completely trustworthy long distance transactions as soon as possible.


Let's stop complaining about our abuse at the hands of a corrupt few and do something about it! Start using Pirate Chain on Barrrter.com today!


Please make yourself familiar with the Terms and Conditions of Membership before signing up for an account.